Florida Fishing Academy

Helping At-Risk Kids Grow & Learn Through Fishing

A fun day of fishing becomes a tool for growth with the Florida Fishing Academy, a kids’ charity. We take at-risk kids in Palm Beach County on a journey to explore Florida’s marine environment, with a few life lessons along the way.

Step into our programs and you’ll find kids learning fishing and marine science through lessons in class, on the water and online. These programs also offer a haven for kids who are facing instability or insecurity at home.

It’s all part of our mission to inspire and educate local youth. We use fishing and marine life to show them how to care for the environment, build confidence and learn personal skills they can use throughout their lives.

Help us reach at-risk kids and make a lifelong impact.

Our Programs Impact Youth in Key Areas

Student looking at seaweed in microscope in FFA program.
Marine Science Education
Two youth in Coast Guard training program.
Life Skills & Job Training
Young girl holding a hermit crab during a marine lab field trip
Environmental Stewardship

Since opening in 2006, we’ve touched the lives of more than 28,000 children.

Our Impact

  • 28,000+ kids explored fishing & marine science
  • At 150+ schools & education centers
  • 95% went on a boat or in the ocean for the first time
  • 325 found marine jobs after FFA
  • 226 became certified Red Cross lifeguards
  • 42 became certified Red Cross babysitters

A Deeper Impact

Our fishing and marine programs help kids:

  • Build confidence
  • Overcome fear of the ocean
  • Enhance social development
  • Learn life skills & gain job training
  • Build appreciation for Florida wildlife
  • Learn to protect the environment

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Together, We Can Help Kids Go Further