This class is designed to supplement the Marine Lab with a class taught exclusively by boat, the recently launched Thea Marie, a 49-passenger, Coast Guard-inspected, handicapped-accessible hybrid catamaran now docked at the Riviera Beach Marina. Students and their chaperones depart from the Marine Center docks and ride to various snorkeling locations off the shores of Palm Beach County, particularly off Peanut Island. At the direction of FFA guides and instructors, students identify various species of fish and other marine life. While snorkeling, students study the manatee’s habitat and plant-based food sources and get a chance to see manatees from a safe distance during their prime migration season in November and December. Since many manatees bear propeller scars from dangerous collisions with boats, these sightings are a stark reminder of the great care that must be taken while boating during manatee season. Younger students explore the effects of water pollution and its impact on the manatee.