A Mobile Field Trip for a Marine Experience at School

About the Program

The Marine Lab is our latest effort to reach more kids with marine experiential learning.

It’s a mobile field trip offering a multi-sensorial experience. Kids will see a working model of Florida’s watershed showing the effects of pollution and beach erosion, feel marine life in a touch tank, and play with a topography sandbox with augmented reality. All activities show the importance of water quality, conservation and a healthy marine environment.

We’ve had great success in taking our marine lab on wheels to Title I schools, aftercare and out-of-school programs throughout Palm Beach County and South Florida. It has also appeared at community events, fairs, and boat shows. We hope to expand the program farther to Martin County, non-Title I schools and other events.

Mobile Marine Lab of the Florida Fishing Academy.
Custom Mobile Marine Lab trailer visits schools throughout the county.


Kids see how challenges and threats affect our local environment and discuss how we can preserve our natural resources.

Marine Lab activities help them build confidence, leadership skills, emotional management skills, greater responsibility, initiative, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Mobile Marine Lab with touch tank and display of the watershed with sand aquifer.
Marine Lab Trailer with animal touch tank and working model of Florida’s watershed & sand aquifer.


Elementary, middle and high school students at schools, educational centers and community events.


A unique hands-on experience that brings the marine world to kids, at school. The custom Marine Lab is housed in a mobile trailer that can accommodate a classful of children.

Activities Included

  • Introduction to various issues affecting our environment
  • Lesson on Florida’s watershed, pollution and beach erosion
  • A touch tank featuring starfish and other sea life
  • A topography sandbox using augmented reality
  • An oil spill clean-up activity for kids
  • Hands-on conservation education

We also allow other area agencies to use the Mobile Lab. This will help us reach more children throughout South Florida, while increasing our community presence.

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