Virtual Classroom for Florida Fishing Academy

Our virtual classroom offers online fishing classes and lessons for young anglers who want to explore marine life and the environment. Choose from the links below for videos (on YouTube) and materials appropriate for grades K through 8.

Feel free to tag us on social media with your drawings: @floridafishingacademy.

Angling for a Healthy Future Online Course

Week 1

Tackle Box 101

Create a Creature

What’s in your environment? 

Week 2

Knot Tying


Pollution 101

Week 3

Sink or Float

Lifejacket Safety

Parts of a Fish

Week 4

Casting 101

What makes a Fish a Fish?

How Do Fish Breathe?

Week 5

Family Connections

World Oceans

Sea Turtles 101

Week 6

Food Chains



Week 7

Marine Debris

Birds in My Backyard


Week 8

Art in Nature

Float Your Boat


Angling for a Healthy Future is made possible with support from Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc., which receives significant funding for its overall operations from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County.