Helping At-Risk Teens Shape Their Futures

About the Program

This is the next step after Angling for a Healthy Future. Here, teens and high school students begin charting a course in the marine industries and building advanced skills. They train in a number of vocational areas to help them prepare for the workforce, for college or to build on their love of the sport.

This is a youth life skills and mentoring program for teens.


Through experiential learning, classes offer skills that can serve teens through life. Activities help them build confidence, leadership skills, emotional management skills, greater responsibility, initiative, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and stress-coping techniques. As they increase their skills, they’ll also mentor younger students.


High school students at local schools or youth programs.


Sessions are in class and outdoors. The first ten sessions will help build important life and industry skills. After this course, students explore training based on their interests in the marine industry. This includes pre-apprenticeship programs, teaching, and on-the-job training with our industry partners.

Activities Included

  • Vessel navigation lessons
  • Charting an open-water course
  • Commercial fishing lessons
  • Fishing tournament techniques
  • How to design/build rods or lures, and repair reels
  • Red Cross lifeguard or babysitter certification lessons
  • Job skills including etiquette, proper attire and interview techniques
  • Tips for managing stress, time and money

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